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Fortron/Source Corp. is a multinational corporation with offices, R&D centers and manufacturing locations in USA and China. We provide ODM and OEM services for customers in China and USA. In China, we provide power supply ODM/OEM services. While in USA, we provide PCBA and system assembly services for wide range of electronic products. Below is the mixture of services we can provide to our global customer base:


1. Power Supply turnkey manufacturing in China.

2. PCBA or system assembly in USA.

3. Partial assembly of electronic products in China and final assembly in USA.

4. Partial assembly of electronic products in USA and final assembly in China.


Founded in 1983 in Northern California, Fortron/Source Corp. and its partners jointly set up its first factory in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China in 1989. For more than 30 years, it has set up multiple factories across various regions in China, and has successful experience operating these factories. Fortron/Source also has extensive operating experience managing custom clearance and logistics between China and USA.


Fortron/Source has Power Supply R&D centers in USA and China. Each location has numerous experienced power supply design engineers. Since 1999, Fortron/Source has designed and manufactured numerous power supplies product lines for customers around the world. All product design and testing strictly adheres to international standards such as UL, CE, EMC, FCC; UL60950, UL508, UL458, UL1012, UL1310, FCC15, EN55022, EN61000-3-2,3, EN61000-4-2 , 3,4,5,6,8, -11 (LVD: 73/23 / EEC, EMC: 73/23 / EEC, Machinery: 89/392 / EEC) etc..


Fortron/Source Global Time Line: 

-  1983 Established headquarter and invested in a PCBA assembly factory in Northern California.

-  1988 Setup a branch office in Taiwan

-  1989 Setup a factory in Shenzhen, China.

-  1995 Incorporated SMT technology into manufacturing processes.

-  1996 Setup a branch office in Hong Kong.

-  1999 Setup a R&D center in Harbin, China.

-  2001 Established Fu Yong Industrial Park in Baoan, Shenzhen, China.

-  2002 Setup a R&D center in Shanghai, China.

-  2003 Relocate headquarter to Southern California.

-  2008 Setup an office/production center in Shanghai, China.