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Rail power selection points

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Rail power selection points

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  Rail power supply is a kind of power supply. When many users choose to use it, they have certain doubts. The following are the points when selecting rail power supply.

1, guide rail power to use the appropriate input voltage specifications.

2, choose the right power. In order to increase the life of the rail power supply, a 30% output power rated model can be selected.

3, consider the guide rail power load characteristics. If the load is a motor, a light bulb or a capacitive load, the current will be greater at the instant of power-up and the appropriate power supply should be selected to avoid overload. If the load is a motor, voltage back-flow should be considered when shutting down.



4. In addition, the working environment temperature of the rail power supply must be considered, and whether there is additional auxiliary cooling device, and the output power at the excessively high ring-temperature power needs to be deducted. Ring temperature derating curve for output power.

When selecting the rail power supply, consideration can be given to the above aspects, paying attention to the working environment of the rail power supply and the loadability during use. Makes rail power safe for use.

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